Greetings unknown friend,

People of our universe have guessed/hoped/wondered for some time that there might be parallel universes right next door to ours. Worlds that had a similar starting point but then diverged from our own in some way. This divergence leading to an entirely different history, trajectory, and life- while maintaining resonances of our own. We like to think of parallel universes as mirror universes, reflective pages in a book: a million universes laying on top of each other. Some are very close and some are chapters away.

This website is our evolving project to map the aural stories we have collected from one such mirror universe that we believe to be just a few pages away from our very own: Sea Free. Many years ago, each person on our team began to receive messages from Sea Free across the unknown “veil” between our universes. We came together to form the Sea Free Science Team to unite our efforts of collecting and mapping this alternate reality. We work together to chart the connection of our universe to theirs. We volunteer and do this as a labor of love.

About Our Sea Free Science Team

We are not time travellers or universe hoppers by trade, but it seems we have become so through some hiccup of fate. For some reason still unknown to us, Sea Free has revealed itself to us – first in whispers, then in songs and stories. At first we passively received these gifts – separate and alone. As we found one another, and built our community of wayfarers, we’ve become emboldened in our pursuit of pieces of the Sea Free myriverse1

We are not the sole receivers of Sea Free. 

  • We are uncovering artefacts and stories of Sea Free in ancient records that are hundreds of years old – like the poem shared on the landing page of this site. 
  • We are also gathering more and more stories of Sea Free from modern day Receivers.
  • While we are the core team collecting and mapping Sea Free, we work with and benefit from the collaboration of a worldwide network of people either experiencing or searching for Sea Free. 

At this time the Sea Free Science Team are the only members of this community that have felt ready to come forward and share our names. Our other collaborators, story Receivers, and artefact creators are choosing to remain anonymous at this time.

How we pursue our research

Sea Free2 becomes known to us through aural histories or stories that people hear on the wind or in dreams. We call these people Sea Free Receivers. We have identified 137 modern day Receivers. We are also cataloguing hundreds of historical records that we believe reflect aural samples from the past. 

The aural stories/reports of Sea Free are often repeated several times to a person over days or weeks, and they can begin to memorize them. Receivers often write down or record these aural samples of Sea Free for our Science Team to collect. The aural samples can contain the news of major social, economic or political events from Sea Free – past or present. They can transcribe a piece of literature or poetry. They can also reflect the personal lives of people who have existed in the Myriverse.

We explore the linguistic underpinnings of Sea Free a bit more in our Dynamics of Sea Free. Here it suffices to say, there are multiple languages within Sea Free. We began by archiving the stories available to us in our own languages. We have chosen to offer this website in English as it is our common language on the Sea Free Science Team. We hope to explore translation for this site in the future. Sea Free songs/stories can be heard in many different languages: (1) in a language of our universe the receiver knows, (2) in a language of our world that the receiver does not know (and we can help translate), (3) in one or more “sea freesian” dialect we are just beginning to map, or (4) in a language that is completely illegible to us. Jorge’s team of translators works to help us sort out these varying samples. 

Aural reports, songs, or stories can come to us from any time period in the past or present of the myriverse. As parallel universes, we believe we are currently living in the same “linear time” scale (though they lack a linear time scale in their own perception of time). Our sense is that we can only receive aural histories from Sea Free’s past and present – nothing from the future. 

We have one additional way to get to know Sea Free that is slowly emerging from our broader network of Sea Free Receivers: objects or artefacts3 created by members of our community to share an impression or truth of their experience of Sea Free. Sea Free Receivers in our universe use the creation of artefacts as a way to process their own feelings about Sea Free or to convey an element of Sea Free they have experienced, but simply cannot express in words. 

Sharing the songs of Sea Free here, right now with you

This project is like an archaeological dig. As we uncover and unearth new stories or artefacts we place them within our best guess of what period of Sea Free’s time they come from or represent. 

Time Shard Map: This website maps the 7 periods of time within Sea Free that we have been able to decipher thus far. We call each period of time a SHARD, and on the Time Shard Map immediately following this letter you can see an overall map of the 7 shards we have been able to map thus far. Each shard contains (1) our analysis of that time period gleaned from dozens if not hundreds of aural samples (2) aural artefacts we associate with that time period – mythology, news events, macro-trends, poems and (3) a story we’ve collected about someone who actually lived during that time. Amos is also constructing evolving Spotify playlists to evoke the texture and context of each Time Shard.

We consider this an evolving and emerging digital, experimental, open-source museum. As you walk through you’ll see our work in progress, and our notes to each other as we are building the site (kind of like in google docs). We invite you to reach out and participate if Sea Free is calling you. You can use our ABOUT page to contact us.

In the heart of Sea Free

Parallel universes are created when different possibilities branch off from each other in reality.  We can’t (yet) pinpoint the exact moment our times/-verses departed from each other, but we are certain it happened before the rise of the written word. All of their accountings of myth/spirit/ancestry depart from our conceptions- in some ways big and small. We are fairly certain our physical worlds, and the science of our -verses are exactly identical.

Our current best guess as to when our universes branched off from each other is: perhaps in those early times of Homo Sapiens, Neanderthals, and various other human-beings there was a slight shift in the balance between compromise and battle. Perhaps, instead of the Homo Sapiens intermarrying and killing off other species to become the definitive species of “human” (as in our universe), a different balance was found. Perhaps they discovered a path to being a multitude instead of a monolith, a way to see each other as constantly shifting/evolving rather than trapped in binaries, a way of centering the unknown instead of being afraid of it.

Perhaps they invented a way of collaborating and conflicting that we have yet to discover, that opened up new possibilities for love and courage that we can only write about, sing about – that we have not yet figured out how to live at scale.

One thing is clear to our team, the moment of our -verses departure was a difference in how love and courage flow. In their gathered stories we can sense that love and courage are shared differently in their myriverse, in many ways our brains probably still can’t understand, but something our hearts have recognized. 

Our team has been transformed through our search for Sea Free. We are honored to share our findings with you – and continue this next phase of the journey together.

In solidarity,

Meg and the Sea Free Science Team

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1 They do not call their world a universe, they call it their myriverse [m- eer- i- verse]. You’ll see why in a bit.
2 The name “Sea Free” is their name for their myriverse in English. 
3 Artefact (commonly known as artifact): Oxford Dictionary definition part 2: something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure

Sea Free Time Shards Map (under construction)

ian dooley on Unsplash