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“There is a world that surrounds us,
that every spirit knows,
Where love is openly shared and courage daily flows.

Sea Free we call you in
across veils and roads unexplored,
To lighten our burdens and lift up our hearts,
to open darkened doors…”

“A Song of Sea Free,” thought to be from 1647, author unknown.
Found in texts near West Bengal.
Translated from Bengali by Jorge Robas, December 2020.

enter Sea Free space

Recorded under a three-quarters-full moon in a
Maine estuary May 2022, by NM Chin

cutout of trees

The Sea Free Science Team collects evidence of the existence of Sea Free: (a) observing instances of connection and manifestation (b) transcribing aural histories conveyed from the myriverse (c) hypothesizing what Sea Free is like and what we might learn for our world.